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A community for all aspects of the Camp Rock fandom


Hello! Welcome to we_rock_on. This is a Livejournal community for fans of the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock starring the Jonas Brothers and introducing Demi Lovato. This community was created as a source for fans of ALL aspects of the Camp Rock fandom, regardless of character or pairing or what have you. Post any Camp Rock material you have or can find! Are you an icon maker? Link to your icon journal. Like to write fanfiction? Feel free to post it here. It's a relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy. - The Mods: renneroo,ashelectric,pell_mel89


1. Be Respectful.
Though it is easy to forget, the people that you interact with through this community ARE real people sitting at another computer somewhere. Therefore, treat them as such. There will be no flaming or bashing of any sort. Petty fights or conflicts through mean or derogatory comments and/or posts simply will not be tolerated.

2. Keep Posts Relevant.
This community was created as a place for fans of Camp Rock. We'd like to keep the content within the community relevant to the Camp Rock fandom. If all goes as planned, there will be friending memes periodically. If you would like to post to introduce yourself, that is perfectly acceptable. Posts beyond that that do not pertain to the movie, it's actors or music,etc. will be deleted.

This is a pet peeve for renneroo. No lies. Okay? Just please please please, we beg of you, make your posts members only. It's not something that's a huge inconvenience to do.

4. Using LJ Cuts
Please use a Livejournal cut if needed. It's not necessary to kill someone's friend page. If a picture is more than 300 pixels, post it behind a cut. Feel free to put a smaller preview version in front of the cut if you'd like. Large graphics posts need to be behind a cut. I will say that I have a tendency to ramble. I am the queen of rambling. If you mean start a discussion, if the discussion point is more than a small paragraph (8 sentences, let's say), post it behind a cut. I think most people will be able to use their judgement here. You'll know if you need to put it behind a cut. If you feel like you've typed a novel after you're done typing it all out, you need a cut.

5. Posting Graphics
We welcome all graphics with open arms here. However, there are guidelines to be used. As stated in the last rule, use a cut if needed. 300 pixels is the cut-off. If you fake cut to a graphics post in your journal, we ask that you do not lock the post after a short period of time. Either make it known that you need to join/friend to see the graphics or post them directly to the community. It saves many people a lot of frustration when a graphics post is a bit older. If you'd like to use any graphic that is posted here, you MUST follow the guidelines that the poster has set out. To avoid any mishaps, anyone who does post graphics, please clearly define the rules as to how your graphics are to be used/credited.

6. Keep it PG-13.
Please keep all conversation PG-13 and under. If a fanfiction is more than PG-13, there must be a visible and clear warning. All fanfiction is to be labeled with the following form in each post:

Right now, the rules are fairly straightforward and easy to follow. There aren't many of them. However, if problems arise, a more strict system WILL be utilized.

Anything else?

Want to affiliate? Comment here at the rules post. At the moment, there aren't any openings for staff of any sort, but we will let you know when we need some extra people around as mods or in any other position. :) If you have any other questions, comment here


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